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What is is a resource that allows surety companies and agents to connect. We give new and experienced agents a resource to weigh the benefits offered by sureties who write in their state. What are their rates? Do they offer value-added services such as advertising, training or access technology.

Bail Sureties are constantly looking to recruit the industries top agents. The information and services we offer attracts a steady pool of savvy, business-minded agents.

How Bail Surety Works?

Many states require bail agents to prove they are able to pay for forfeited bail bonds. A surety company is essentially an insurance company that will guarantee this. In most cases, surety companies will require a certain percentage of every bond written. A percentage of this goes to the surety company and a portion of that goes into a build up fund (or BUF), which helps pay for forfeited bonds. Many sureties also provide support and added value to help a bail agency run with ease, which is why it is important to find a surety company or general agent that is right for you. For more information about bail surety, visit our FAQs.