About Us

BailInsurance.com is an AboutBail.com property. In our 10-plus years in the bail industry, new we've been asked countless times by bail agents "Which companies offer surety contracts in my state?" or "What are the best sureties to work with?"

The answer to these questions is BailInsurance.com.

Behind any good bail agent is a good surety company. On the surface, many surety companies may seem the same and appear to offer a similar product. However, when looking for a new contract provider, it is important to dig a little deeper and find the surety or general agent that offers the proper mix of service and value-added offerings that works for you.

BailInsurance.com is here to help you do just that - with long-standing relationships with surety companies, BailInsurance.com connects bail agents with surety companies and general agents who meet their needs. At the same time, we offer surety companies a forum to recruit business-savvy and experience retail agents.

Choosing a Surety

While contract rate is important, there are many other things to take into account when choosing a surety company:

Looking for a Bail Agent

Are you an individual looking for a bail agent to get a loved one out of jail? If so, please visit our sister site, AboutBail.com to find a bail agent.